Important flight information:

It is possible to visit Ascension Island. If you would like to do so you will need to apply for permission, in the form of an entry permit (see below). And you must have comprehensive travel and medical insurance.

Unless you are in an exempt category (e.g., active members of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces , USAF military contract personnel etc) and you wish to travel to Ascension for any purpose you must obtain a valid Entry Permit in advance and produce this to the Immigration Officer on arrival. Failure to do so is an offence under the Entry Control (Ascension) Ordinance and may result in a fine, and/or imprisonment. You may also be refused permission to land and be required to leave on the aircraft or vessel that you arrived on.

It is also a condition of the Entry Permit that you have obtained adequate travel and medical insurance to cover your stay including the possibility of air evacuation, which can be very expensive. You should be prepared to show this to the Immigration Officer on arrival.


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